LMIA Applications

The LMIA is the heart of the application process, and it’s the heart of Farm HR too. This is where the application really comes through for you, pulling in information from all the other sections to build your LMIA application quickly and easily.

No more filling out the 13-page PDF manually – you can start with a copy of a previous application and go from there. Bring in your workers, choose your job postings, select the accommodations and you’re all set. Then download the application form with a click of your mouse.

When the LMIA form changes, we’ll update the app, and you don’t have to worry about a thing.


  • See all your past and upcoming applications
  • Track the status and enter the LMIA # when approved
  • Copy from previous applications to avoid tedious data-entry¬†

Print the LMIA and download files

  • Download the latest version of the LMIA form as a PDF.
  • Download the accompanying files you need: Property Inspections, Rental Agreements, Job Postings…
  • Print off separate sheets for Employees or Arrivals if you have too many for the form to accommodate.



New! AgStream Support

Choose which program you’re applying for your workers with – SAWP or AgStream

Filling out the Application

The simple wizard format makes filling out the form a breeze

Your data, put to use

No more searching through your email to find job applicants, who was interviewed… It’s all in the system, and Farm HR does your calculations for you.

Flexible and powerful

Add multiple arrivals on the same application, choose the workers you’ve set up in the system and assign housing.