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Everything you need to know… in one place.

Tracking your LMIA applications and workers is about to get a whole lot easier.

LMIA Applications

Generate LMIA applications easily.

This is where Farm HR's app really comes through for you, pulling in information from all the other sections to build your LMIA application quickly and easily.

  • Record LMIA status & number when approved
  • Print & download LMIA files
  • Supports both SAWP and AgStream
  • How It Works

    Save time & reduce errors on LMIA applications.

    No more filling out the 13-page PDF manually — you can start with a copy of a previous application and go from there. No more searching through your email to find job applicants and see who was interviewed… it’s all in the system, and Farm HR does your calculations for you.

    1. Choose job postings & bring in workers
    2. Select housing & accommodations
    3. Download the application form & submit!

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    Keep track of your workers.

    See all of your workers in one place, whether you just want a broad overview or specific information. Fully customizable!

  • Track work terms & housing
  • Create custom fields
  • See reports on arrivals & departures
  • Housing

    Manage all your housing.

    Whether you own your housing or rent, Farm HR can help you manage all your migrant housing.

  • Manage capacity & occupancy
  • Keep track of property details, including audits & inspections
  • Track rental terms & agreements
  • Job Postings

    Post jobs and track applicants.

    Keep track of which postings have been run, when & where. Also track applicants to keep everything in one place.

  • See all of your job postings in one place
  • Track all applicants throughout the process
  • Group an applicant’s information
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    Tag workers and housing with important info.

    Record any additional information on workers, housing, or any other part of your database.

  • Keep daily records of health status & more
  • Add tags to workers & properties
  • Print off your notes for individual workers, properties, or your whole operation
  • Beta

    WhatsApp Integration

    Send bulk WhatsApp messages to your workers.

    Write and broadcast messages to groups of workers — send messages about upcoming flights, training times or work schedules… the uses are endless!

    1. Choose which workers to send messages to
    2. Edit templated messages with fill-in-the-blanks
    3. Track delivery & read receipts

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Looking for answers?

    Do you offer additional features beyond what’s on your website?
    Yes! For larger operations that need to keep track of referrals, advanced housing options or job functions and work areas. We are also open to developing custom features — just reach out.
    Do you have a money-back guarantee?
    For sure! If you're not happy with the product at any time, let us know and we'll refund your subscription fee for the year.
    You keep calling it an “app.” What do you mean?
    Farm HR is a web app, meaning there’s nothing for you to install, maintain or back up. You can just log in from any web browser.
    How many users can use the product?
    Unlimited users are included in a subscription.
    Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes, new users are eligible for a 30-day free trial of the software.
    Still have questions?

    Reach out to us at 905.870.4933 or and we’ll answer them!

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    One checklist that covers everything you need for your LMIA application... in one place!

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